Lead a training in your community!

Though stalking is a serious issue that impacts millions of people each year, there is often a dangerous silence around the issue – both within the field of domestic violence and in the broader public. We can change that.

SPARC is pleased to offer these ready-to-teach workshops on stalking. Simply download the program that best meets the needs of your community – you’ll find slides, exercises and a facilitator’s guide with speaker notes.

Check back as we continue to add resources and exercises.

Know It, Name It, Stop It: Public Awareness Training Module

Everyone has a role to play in knowing, naming, and stopping stalking. This workshop is intended for a broad audience and can be offered in a variety of settings including (but not limited to) Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, office lunch-and-learns, congregational meetings, or anywhere that people gather. While we suggest that the facilitator(s) be familiar with the dynamics of power-based violence, the program is fully scripted, activity-based, and should be simple to implement for anyone who wishes to do so.

Download Materials:

Stalking Identification and Response

This session is targeted toward criminal justice practitioners and allied professionals. Its provides a basic overview of stalking, focusing on defining stalking, identifying stalker behaviors, and recognizing the prevalence and dynamics of this often misunderstood crime. At the conclusion of the session, participants will be better able to support victims and connect them with resources.

Download Materials: