Stalking is a serious, prevalent, and dangerous issue that impacts every campus in the United States; is a violation of student conduct codes and Title IX; and is a crime under the laws of the 50 states, District of Columbia, U.S. Territories, and Federal government. Individuals 18-24 years old experience the highest rates of stalking (among adults) and many college stalking victims disclose to their friends before talking to anyone else. This provides a unique opportunity for universities to increase awareness around stalking and support victims.

SPARC also provides training that is victim-centered, research informed and practice based. SPARC staff members are available to provide trainings to practitioners at the local, state and national levels. Click here for more info about our trainings.

We encourage universities to use the resources below to increase understanding of stalking on campus, raise awareness about available services, and make it clear that stalking behaviors are unacceptable and will be taken seriously: