Stalking & Harassment Assessment & Risk Profile (SHARP) (this link will take you off of the SPARC website)

While many threat assessments focus primarily on domestic violence, SHARP is a tool designed specifically to examine and assess stalking. SHARP is a 48-item web-based assessment which provides an assessment of the “big picture” of the stalking situation. It also provides a situational risk profile that consists of 14 factors associated with a wide variety of harms including physical or sexual attack, harm to others, ongoing and escalating stalking and harassment, and life sabotage.

SHARP is free to use and provides both a narrative of the stalking situation and the risk profile, as well as information about stalking risks and safety suggestions. The SHARP narrative and risk profile report has been successfully used around the country to support stalking victim safety and hold stalkers accountable, including:

    • helping petitioners successfully receive civil protection orders.
    • as part of criminal case evidence that helped prosecution move forward.
    • helping to obtain higher bond and GPS conditions.

If you are experiencing stalking, we encourage you to work with a victim service provider to complete this assessment and to develop safety strategies.