January 2021 marks the seventeenth annual National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM), an annual call to action to recognize and respond to the serious crime of stalking.

To honor NSAM 2021, SPARC encourages you to:

Learn more about the prevalent, dangerous and frequently misunderstood crime of stalking.

Register for SPARC’s upcoming January webinars
View resources for professionals
Review archived webinars
Request a training for 2021

Educate your organization and/or community on the realities of stalking.

Lead a “ready-to-teach” local workshop on stalking
Integrate stalking education into your existing programs
Adapt and share a letter to the editor
Host a discussion on the hit show You
Order brochures for your agency

Get the word out about National Stalking Awareness Month.

Include a message about NSAM in your organizational newsletter
Share daily social media posts to Instagram and/or Facebook for January
Share daily social media posts to Twitter for January
Order and display posters
Ask your community to proclaim January 2021 as NSAM
View and share short videos about stalking
En Español
Update your account pages with NSAM graphics

Assess your organization’s response to stalking and recognize the people in your community who are making a difference.

Award a Certificate of Appreciation to changemakers in your community
Complete the Stalking Response Checklist with your team
Share your NSAM success with SPARC