eLearning Courses

We are delighted to offer eLearning modules! These courses provide critical foundational information on identifying and responding to stalking victimization. They are intended as learning opportunities to educate responders and others on stalking’s definition and dynamics. The modules are:

    • Short! They vary in length and take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.
    • Interactive and multimedia! Click to discover videos, voiceover, quizzes, and more.
    • Packed with information and resources! Lots of links and next steps for further learning.

The modules DO NOT provide formal CEU/credit hours from your accrediting institution. Completing each module and accompanying survey will generate a certificate of completion for that module that you may choose to share with your agency/employer/academic institution, but this does not constitute any kind of certification of expertise from SPARC.

Accessing the modules requires that you enter a unique name or alias. If you receive the “this name has already been taken” error message, try adding a letter or number to the name. This alias/name will not be shown on the certificate of completion. If you close the browser window used for the module, you will lose your place.

Module 1: What is Stalking?

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Module 2: Identifying Stalking Behaviors

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Module 3: Stalking Prevalence & Relationships

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