“It was probably the most informative and practical webinar on stalking I’ve been to, period. I appreciated the mix of intro-level and deep-dive information, and actual tangible ways to help survivors feel safer.”

Victim Advocate, Domestic Violence Services

“Your website has been super helpful in assisting with us educating ourselves and our clients and helping to keep people safe.“

Sexual Assault Counselor, Community-Based Social Services

“Now that I know what stalking is, I hear stalking behavior in almost every domestic violence case.”

Advocate, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Shelter

“I cannot express to you how eye opening this training was for my department, our community partners, and other law enforcement agencies in our area. Prior to attending this training, I along with other officers did not know how important it is to understanding stalking and what role it plays in crimes against women….I would recommend EVERY agency who has the opportunity to attend training facilitated by SPARC take full advantage! Even after the training, they have continued to be an integral resource for follow up questions and assistance to ensure we are doing our best as law enforcement officers to serve the victims and survivors we are working with.”

Police Sergeant, County Sheriff’s Office

“A majority of our officers were in attendance for the training, and all walked away with good things to say about it.  The training was well executed and directed towards law enforcement officers and their investigations.  The presenter did an amazing job of interacting with the officers to keep them engaged, and answered every question asked.  She has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and opened our officers’ eyes to new ways of looking at stalking investigations. There were senior officers who made comments about it being one of the best trainings they had been to.”

Police Officer, Campus Division

“…shortly after the training I met with a new client who was being stalked, but I wouldn’t have known that all of the behaviors were stalking if it wasn’t for your training! I was able to respond better to this client and provide her with better information based on what I learned from the SPARC training. I feel like I have so much great information that I can now immediately bring into my work with clients.”

Social Worker, Coalition

“I just hit my 30th year in Victim Services and as Victim Witness Coordinator… Today’s training was the best stalking training that I have ever attended…This was an awesome training!”

Victim Witness Coordinator, Prosecutor’s Office

“…I have been so floored with all that I did not know.  These training programs are life-changing”

Project Coordinator, Campus Program Grant , U.S. DOJ Office on Violence Against Women